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A new private initiative for nationwide large scale production of 54 agricultural
produce and products for industries and export has started. Your Community,
Organization, Local Government or State is invited to collaborate with us by inviting
us to come and sensitize members of the community in your area or State.
Representative for each Local Government Council area, three Zonal and one State
Co-ordinators are to be selected after sensitization seminar in your Community,
Local Government, Association, Conference, Constituency, Senatorial District or
One (1) Million Nigerians are to be selected in all the 36 States and FCT and train
them on large-scale production, processing and regular supply. Average of two
thousand (2,000) interested producers, processors and suppliers are to be selected
from each Local Government area. Those selected shall be trained on five or six
short-term, takeoff back yard, sustainable agricultural projects. These have
maximum maturity period of four (4) months.
These projects are very good and easy for people resident in both complex urban
centers and rural areas with surplus land in all over Nigeria. Those selected for these
programmes shall each employ about thirty (30) workers. This means about 2,000
people in each Local Government area shall create employment for about 60,000
others and about 30 Million jobs across the country. It simply means about 2,000
small-scale industries are emerging to boost the economy.
If you are interested in our proposal, your organization can invite us as soon as possible please.

Dn. Alabi Areo
Chairman / National Co-ordinator