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Organization for Sustainable Agriculture, Businesses and Development (OSBAD)


We are into sustainable rural agriculture for over twenty-five (25) years in Nigeria. This programme is aimed at selecting one (1) million Nigerians and develop them to become fully self-employed and create about thirty (30) million jobs in Nigeria within the next three to five years.

One million selected Nigerians shall be trained on six short term sustainable agricultural projects for them to employ about thirty (30) workers each. They shall also be trained on frequently demanded industrial raw materials and how to regularly produce, package and supply industries and exporters.

About fifteen (15) major industries are to be established in each State where enough raw materials are produced.



Economy of any country in the world can not improve until economic life of individual citizen improves. Better economic life of individual citizen means better economy of each community and the nation.

 A nation with better economy is a powerful, peaceful and progressive nation. No Government in the world can generate reasonable income from ghost workers and jobless citizens. Income tax can be reliably generated from individual worker, operators of small and medium scale businesses big industries and large organizations (that usually rely on individual and small scale industries). Serious Government in the world must therefore look for ways to seriously promote human development and small scale economic activities to enhance real development.

We are establishing private Farm Settlement. The takeoff Settlement is Ilua Farm Settlement at Kajola Local Government of Oyo State. N2,000:00 is non-refundable fee for Application Form, then you pay another N50,000:00 non-refundable fee for Allocation if your application is accepted. You will sign an undertaken then, five (5) acres of farmland shall be handed over to you for 99years use.

These views with our over twenty-five years practical field experience prompted our proposals on this website.

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